Monday, 31 October 2011

Random Lines Drawn to an Arbitrary Distance

Lines starting from a central point radiating outwards to cover 23 squares.

10 Lines drawn across a number of squares determined by random number generator (curving to the left)

Line Drawing 2

The following drawings are squares filled in according to ten randomly generated numbers.  

Line Drawings 3

Monday, 3 October 2011

Kit Danes

There is very little known about reclusive author Kit Danes the famed creator of the Charley Dove books we all remember Charley's adventures such as 'The Night of Terrors' or 'The Golden Cross' or the legendary 'Times Echo'

We are lucky enough to have been granted access to a small sample of Charley's latest adventure: Charley Dove and The Shattered Heart

Here it is please enjoy:

'From the Depths'

'… Charley stood unsteady on the rocky surface of the cave. The cold damp air which enclosed seemed to be coming from the very itself, as if it was the breath of the very rocks of breath of creatures millions of years old waiting patiently for reasons beyond the understanding of this young mind.

From deep within the caves solid blackness something glittered, impossible beams of light where shooting and reflecting off the surface of this unground world.

What could it be? Flash of a million possibilities rushed across Charley's mind, possibilities which seem to solidify into one reality as the thing encroached on the pale white beam of Charley's torch.

A giant walking crystal! It filled the cave, it was the cave all Charley could do was stare at his own face aghast, as it was shattered within multiple reflections of the angles of this beast of diamond. Charley could feel icy cold shards enclose him as he tried to resist the impossible solid grip of the creatures deep cold smooth embrace as the glass blackness of unconsciousness took him.'

Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did, and we can't wait to find out how Charley got here and how he's going to get out!!

Friday, 19 August 2011


The following is a statement regarding the future of the ARSEO.

Over the past three years I have attempted to create art which hopefully explored how ideas, beliefs (no matter how ludicrous) are shaped and disseminated through popular culture.

Over this brief period of existence it has become apparent that the methodologies selected to explore these themes where somehow flawed. Rather than creating a platform which would promote discussion about how these ideas come about (I also wanted it to reflect our relationships with art in general) it seemed to produce a closed system thereby making me another crackpot theorist rather than an explorer of crackpot theories. I even begin to question if it's even regarded as art.

One thing that is at fault is my inability to develop the ARSEO concept further finding it difficult to engage the work I create in some kind of critical discourse (whatever that means). Also there are artists who explore concepts similar to mine* but more thoroughly, better and in a more expectable format (?) In part these artists have led to this revaluation and to the conclusion that I cannot carry on the ARSEO concept any further at the present time. (Though this may just be a hiatus)

We live in uncertain times, I still want to create in one form or another but for now the dream is interrupted.

Higamos Hogamos

C.James Fagan

Friday, 22 July 2011

Non-Physical Artwork #662782 (for Scott and Clara)

Dream transcript #87654 (subject female)

I am in a dark room, I can't see, but I know where everything is, I know the furniture in the room is old.

I am walking across the room, and I look up and because its dark, I can see the stars. The stars are old so old in fact they form the signs of the Zodiac, like the Greeks saw.

There's a bang.

Something is in here in the dark with me. I can feel it's trapped.

It's a bird it flies across the room, hitting the wall again and again.

I feel its panic; I feel its heart in my head.

I try to grab it in the dark, but my fingers can't hold on it they pass through the feathers.

I just want to get the bird out, I want to get out.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011